Since our founding, DCX Community has been on a mission to build deep communities that combat isolation and loneliness. Along the way, we have seen members find fulfillment as they deepen their relationships, wrestle with important topics, and grow in their personal and professional development.

In 2023 our goal is to continue to build on that solid foundation. Late last year we rallied our team and set our intention for this year: The Fight for Unity.

“If you want to go fast, walk alone,
  If you want to go far, walk together.” 

Unity is our collective destination.  Over the course of the next few months, we plan on taking this from a vague, ethereal idea to clear, practical next steps you can use in your everyday lives.

Like most things worthwhile, the journey toward unity is not quick or easy.  It’s hard work.  But, we look forward to walking this out with you over this next year as we all try to take a step closer.

Here are 5 reasons our team believes this journey is worth it.

1) Collective Responsibility

Unity creates a shared purpose which increases commitment and engagement.

We all want our time and work to matter. Unifying around a purpose helps us ensure that every minute of every day is purposeful and moves us collectively to our goal.

“Two are better than one if two act as one.” — Mike Krzyzewski

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Align by Chris Meroff


2) Collaboration

Unity celebrates diversity and enriches the whole.

Unity is not uniformity.  By bringing your unique gifts, passions and worldview to the table, you bring richness, perspective and balance to the organization. It eliminates blind spots (bias), covers potential weakness, and creates an environment of psychological safety that celebrates the uniqueness of individual teammates.

We’ll dive a lot deeper into this idea of your unique design and worldview in the upcoming months but for now use this picture example:

  • It takes all the individual parts of the body coming together to accomplish the desired outcome.
  • We don’t all have the same form or function, and it’s better that way.
  • Some of the least recognized parts play some of the most important roles (google: Talus).
  • When one part of the body isn’t functioning properly, other parts have to work harder to compensate.


3) Camaraderie

A unified front, built on trust, allows the organization to pivot more easily in the face of challenges.

It’s easy to be unified when it’s just you. But if we want to accomplish something bigger than we can by ourselves, we need to unify with others. We need to combat. he natural flow of life that moves us toward misalignment, self-preservation, and resentment.

“Vision creates complexity, complexity creates inefficiency, inefficiency creates uncertainty” – Andy Stanley to the Georgia Legislature

We must actively fight against  the natural decay of unity by investing in our teams and communities.

A military unit spends countless hours investing in this process by training together so that when they inevitably meet conflict, they have established trust in both their teammates and their response. In an ever-changing work environment, this investment is a competitive advantage that allows us to establish trust, pivot in the face of adversity, and keep our purpose advancing.

Continued reading: Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey

4) Community

Finding common ground allows individuals to come together to accomplish more.

Leadership is lonely. And the higher up the leadership “ladder” you go, the lonelier it can feel.

We can feel like we have to hold all the problems and all the solutions…. But, by not allowing others into our struggles, we also prevent them from celebrating with us. We also miss the opportunity for additional insight into the problems and solutions themselves.

We can be so focused on the finish line that we leave a wake of hurt in our path.

“Better Business” is about not just reaching the finish line, but doing it with others in a way that brings others along in our success and enriches all those in our path.

Continued Reading: Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging by Sebastian Junger


5) Consistency

Unity creates consistent, trustworthy value to your team members and outside community members.

Unity is a journey, not a destination. We move forward one step at a time, with the goal of progress not perfection. Over time this practice creates culture, buy-in, and community

“If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself” Is a toxic mindset that permeates workplace culture.

Unity creates multiplication.

  • By consistently modeling unity, your team will begin to take on your culture.
  • As your teams take on your culture, your customers will begin to experience your culture.

Being unified in purpose and principles allows the customer to have the same great experience they would have if you were there yourself.

Emergent effects
These 5 reasons for embracing the unity journey are only the beginning. On top of these there are countless flywheel effects that will begin to dramatically shift your workplace experience. In our experience, this is the prescriptive (as opposed to reactive) work that allows us to attract and retain top talent, improve employee engagement and fulfillment, and enjoy the 40 hours in the workplace we are going to trade away each week.